How do I track data (like age & gender on Facebook) that isn't provided and passed by the traffic source?




  • Matthew Nekvapil

    can I add a UTM token to the end of my link?

    Let's say my link is and it reidrects to my thrive link

    So can I do this?

    if that is so, then how do i see it when i am in thrive?

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  • Tier 2

    If you are trying to track this "utm=" variable's performance, then you need to add this as a custom variable in your traffic source in Thrive.

    Add "utm" as the Parameter and you can leave Placeholder blank.

    Then, you just need to forward the variable in your redirect code to the Thrive campaign URL.

    If you have further questions, please submit a support ticket or email directly.

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  • Serj Kr

    My options do not come with facebook. Why?

    my link

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